Saturday, December 21, 2013

Making Saturday: Treetop Angel Part 4 of 4

The last post on Christmas decorations,
the last piece of felted ornament
I made for the tree that first year
of Christmas. An angel, not a star
or Santa, we got to have an angel
that sits at the top of the tree.

She started out with
a body form, then a dress was
made, later on wings appeared
complete with wire support.
Embroidery thread became her
hair, her halo a mixture of ribbon,
stars and thread. The light so bright
her hair was almost blond. More
stars on her dress, sewn onto
the fabric one star at a time, she
was a lot of work, took me
weeks to complete her. Her
hands held together in prayer,
eyes watching over all beings.

Year after year she sat at the
top piece of branch, she would be
the last decoration that would adorn
the Christmas tree. As if she wasn't
pretty enough, beads were added
a few years ago, I could not help it,
she needed more shine! Beads
defined and accented the outline
 of the feathers on her wings.

Do you believe in angels?

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