Thursday, December 19, 2013

Making Thursday: Tree Decorations Part 2

Onwards we continue with more
handmade decorations for the tree:
A crocheted blue star made by
Dave's mom for our first Christmas,
there were others in different colors.

More stars, this time small paper
ones in all kinds of festive shades,
all grouped together in a teardrop.
I lost count how many were
created, my fingertips were
numb, good instructions here.

A string of origami cranes,
symbols of peace, quite simple
to do with pretty results, some
were given away as presents.

A mini wreath decorated with straw
ribbons, berries and eucalyptus leaves.
A tassel from Dave's mom, her
crafting circle kept her busy.

An origami ball, this one
a kusudama venus, a treasure
some years ago, the colors
and technique caught my eye.

A beaded snowflake made by me
years ago when I had more patience,
one bead at a time strung onto
a single beading thread, I honestly
am amazed at this level of detail,
some real math went on in there.

Back to simplicity! A gingerbread
man, something we all understand,
acrylic paints on plaster mould
crafts everyone can do! A
crocheted angel fabricated
by my hands, it was careful
work with lots of counting of
stitches. A cross-stitch snowman
on a sled by Dave's mom,
cross-stitch is her specialty.

A small wreath similar to the
one above, there were several
made but each one with a
slightly different design. How
about a ring made of store
bought candies? Line the
sweets onto a sheet of
plastic wrap, space them
apart evenly and roll it up.
Add red yarn between each
candy and you're done!

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