Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Making Wednesday: Christmas Ornaments Part 1

Excitement brewed in the dining
room where the Christmas tree went
up, the same old tree that was
first assembled some 18 years ago.
Most decorations were handmade,
I make some every year, although
I did miss some recent years
the tree was getting heavy.

A snowflake for an introduction,
clear bugle glass beads strung
onto a thin wire one bead
at a time, it was tedious work,
several were made not
one snowflake was alike.

A paper wrapped styrofoam ball
decorated with berries of various red,
golden pinecones and sheer ribbons.
Who would've thought a styrofoam
ball could look so glamorous?
Its neighbor a ceramic reindeer,
a purchase from DeeKayTee Farm,
I like its sweet simple shape.

Another reindeer, can't do
without Rudolf, he is a must!!
Made of pompoms and ears
created from pipe cleaners,
complete with a bow and
a golden bell he looked on
handsomely at…

The hippie angel.
Oh the hippie angel began with
just a head and a plain dress,
no hair to speak of she sat
year after year on the tree
until a refurbish attempt some
moons ago. Stars and beads
adorned her skirt, there was
even a double bow for wings.
She has to have braids I
decided, for spirits that are free
and full of soul often do.
Green shiny eyes and a halo
doubling as a hanging wire
she is complete, ready to
brighten up a corner of
the Christmas tree.

More decorations to come!

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