Monday, December 23, 2013

Wishing for a White Christmas Part 2 of 2

Continuing my walk along the snow
laden trails, red berries covered
in white. Look! Christmas ornaments
on a living tree! Branches with
dried berries weighed down
by the snow, more branches
drooped under the mass. A
few people were shovelling
the sidewalks and driveways,
some were walking their dogs,
others were out taking pictures.
Everyone was in a joyful
mood, we waved and greeted
one another. It is rare to
see such weather here in
Vancouver, the night brought out
the downtown lights in the distance.

Wishing everyone a warm and Merry Christmas!
Health and Happiness for the New Year!!


  1. Thank you Novi for sharing us again beautiful things that you are talented to spot everywhere. Have a wonderful Christmas time! And enjoy the white Christmas. This year I will be dreaming of one.

    1. Hi Minami! I'm glad I braved the weather and went out that day. Beauty is everywhere. Thank you for your lovely comments all these years! Have a great Christmas!