Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Finally a moment to breathe and say Hello
during this holiday season... Phew! What
a year! And a pretty good year it is with
many lessons learned and matters to
contemplate. To celebrate, the Christmas
tree was up in November, which never
happened before. It was put up in a hurry,
and a couple of days later the angel was
found hanging off the branches upside
down... thankfully it was rescued shortly!

This week the decorations were put
away to welcome the new year. Each one
was wrapped carefully in tissue paper,
ready for the next holiday season...

A discovery was made while the boxes
were stashed away... snowflakes!! Tiny
little beads, round and bugle shaped held
together with wires, each one unique in
their design, just as they appeared in
nature. There were so many ornaments
I made over the years we forgot about
the snowflakes and didn't put them up!

I hope you have a great rest of the Holiday Season!
Looking forward to another fantastic year!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Of Trees and Shadows

Continuing on the Pacific Rim Trail on our mini
trip to Ucluelet, the gloomy start of a new morning
was marked with some wave and cloud action, the
sun that finally peeked through the clouds afterwards
beckoned us to head further down the path. Venture
down the trail we did, deeper and deeper into the forest
until there was less, and less of the bright blue sky.

Surrounded by the mature evergreen growth, enclosed
in its protective shroud, the sounds of the ocean
waves a distant sigh. On the gravel walkway, a shadow
of curved branches, its arch an elegant shape.

The slight sea breeze gestured our glance upwards,
an old tree with weathered trunks, its arms reached out
to the sun high above, its leaves soaking up the rays.

A moss caught between the low lying branches,
a very soft green, one of my favorite colors.

Pausing at a bend around the corner, where the
light was at its lowest point, the silhouette made a
clear statement against the pale background, even
the tiniest details were captured, good job camera!

It was time to head back, there were plans to explore
other areas that day, a last shot of the wavy outlook...

... and another of the glistening water. Where will
we head to next? Stay tuned to find out as we
continue on this mini journey in Ucluelet!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

On the Pacific Rim Trail

Another post to carry on with the series on our
mini trip to Ucluelet, onwards we hiked on the
Pacific Rim Trail, it was not long before there
were signs of the anticipated sun rays, this time
shining brighter and remaining longer than ever
before. There was also hope to see the blue sky
and there it was hiding beneath all the cloud
action that was moving about and transforming
in perpertuity. I love the gorgeous formations, the
puffy masses shifted themselves as the wind blew
this way and that, I could watch them for hours.

Signs of windswept trees thriving over
the hills, evidence the breeze from the sea
was quite furious during stormy times.

The distant trees atop the island, a
familiar sight from our hotel room.

White bodies of water crashing themselves onto
the dark jagged rocks, one after another, their motion
mesmerizing, we stayed a while to contemplate...

... and continued our view of the big wide ocean
just a few steps away, glancing through the
rugged branches of the evergreen trees...

... looking up at one point at that electric blue,
feeling the warm beams of the day on our face.

The call of the sea kept us enchanted that
day, so we strolled on... the mini adventure
to be continued this Wednesday!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Some Wave and Cloud Action

A continuation of a series of posts on our mini getaway
to Ucluelet... the new morning was off to a sombre
start, but that did not stop us from enjoying our
scrumptious breakfast at Black Rock. Tummies filled
with good energy we wandered into one of the trails
at the resort, specifically the Pacific Rim Trail.
Strolling at a rather slow pace, we found ourselves
taking off our jackets, then putting them back on
 a few minutes later, it was the same with our
sunglasses, toques and mitts. The temperature was
continuously evolving, sunny and warm one moment
windy and cool the next, it was a new experience for
both of us. Below some photos captured on this little
hike, waves splashing onto the rocks in a little cove,

some cloud action, an ever-changing parade against the blue sky.

A not surprising discovery the wave man with
his camera waiting patiently for the right moment,

a small collection of debris caught amongst the rocks.

Sea foam in the palest of tones against a deep shade
 of aquamarine, a constant transformation of shapes
and ripples, I could stay and watch this for eternity.

Just a few steps away, a lookout between the trees, the
morning was still young, there was hope yet for the sun to peek
through... until then, more on this day on the next post!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Gloomy Start

We watched the storm until the darkness erased
all that we could see, dinner that night was not
until 9 pm, a little late for our appetite so we
all slept in the next morning. The new day was
off to a gloomy start, slow to awake we lazed
about the hotel room glancing out the window
at the subdued shades of colors that seem to
change ever so slightly as the heavy clouds
grazed the sky. The second and third photo
were familiar sights from last night, strangely
they appeared very similar despite taken
during a different time of day. Our hopes for a
clear day heightened each time we saw a glimmer
of blue sky, but any bit of optimism was dashed
as the grey returned. Despite this discouraging
outcome there is something mesmerizing about
the passing storm, especially the last third photo
that captured the somber streams of rain that
fell straight from the clouds, I don't think
I've ever seen anything like this before. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Until Nightfall

After watching the surfers at Chesterman Beach
there was a brief stopover in the town of
Tofino. What used to be a quaint little spot on
the Western part of Vancouver Island ten
years ago has developed into a busier location
for tourists. Disappointed to find many shops
selling mass produced goods, we left shortly
to explore a beach nearby. A couple of shots
by the camera of moss covered trunks turned
out better than I thought, with one last capture
of the blustery weather that sent us on our
way back to Ucluelet. The late lunch at
Jack's Bistro and Pub caught a seagull eyeing
our food, the last three photos were taken
through the window back at Black Rock. Too
windy and cold to be standing outside we
marveled at the incoming storm in the warmth
of our room, there was something intriguing about
the windswept trees as they braved the raw
elements. I particularly like the white bodies of
water as they crashed against the dark jagged
rocks, again, and again... until nightfall.