Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend at the Pier

This Easter long weekend, finally
some time dedicated to clean and feast.
Alas the only nice weather was on
Good Friday, we headed down to
the pier and noticed a pair of
dashing ladies, one of many photos
representing Burrard Dry Dock.

Nearby the metal floor, what once
was painted yellow now scratched
from the incoming and outgoing
of construction traffic.

Quite a few people were out enjoying
the cloudy sunny sky, as did we
from a bench by the water.

By the rocks, the segment of rusty chain
appeared extremely heavy, adding an
unnecessary weight to the picture below.

Two shots of urban art, 4x4 lumber
held together by rusty steel, shades
of grey intermingled with earthen tones,
I like the pop of yellow and salmon.

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Unlikely Duo

After work today a stop at
the library, the origami crab
dancing above the informative
books. His shell of kraft paper
spray painted with gold, orange,
black, a harmonious fuse to
reveal a handsome presence.

Next stop at a nearby Value Village,
hello googly eyes what have we
here? An eyeglass holder with
neatly drawn eyebrows, I wish
I have brows like that.

The crab and googly eyes,
an unlikely duo today.

More Pictures on the Way

Taking advantage of a dry weekend,
a mini getaway to Birch Bay,
the weather couldn't have been
more cooperating, just the right
amount of warmth and breeze
the smell of salt water in the air.

There was time to ponder and
collect some translucent
pebbles, edges rounded, surface
polished by the tides.

Blue skies with puffy clouds,
my kind of day.

On the way back, light so bright
the trees almost looked yellow...

... but not as golden as the fading daffodils.
Yes we are well into Spring... Achoo!

Have a lovely Easter weekend!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pictures On The Way

Pictures on the way about town
a seal greeting at the dental's office,

a view from the moving vehicle...

... so this is the weather these days.

From the downtown sky train platform,

budding branches reaching to the sky,
blurry motion on the go. More
pictures tomorrow! Hello April!