Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend at the Pier

This Easter long weekend, finally
some time dedicated to clean and feast.
Alas the only nice weather was on
Good Friday, we headed down to
the pier and noticed a pair of
dashing ladies, one of many photos
representing Burrard Dry Dock.

Nearby the metal floor, what once
was painted yellow now scratched
from the incoming and outgoing
of construction traffic.

Quite a few people were out enjoying
the cloudy sunny sky, as did we
from a bench by the water.

By the rocks, the segment of rusty chain
appeared extremely heavy, adding an
unnecessary weight to the picture below.

Two shots of urban art, 4x4 lumber
held together by rusty steel, shades
of grey intermingled with earthen tones,
I like the pop of yellow and salmon.

Have a great week!


  1. Hi there, this and that on my side and only now I get to see the most recent updates. Lovely photos. Refreshing. You captures the little great things. Good to have you back.

    1. Hi Minami: So glad you stopped by! I've been so busy this year with this and that, been taking pictures but not sharing them, what's the fun in that! :) Feels good to be posting again. It's the little great things that make life worth living.

  2. There is so much in that last sentence; thanks for reminding.