Friday, May 30, 2014

Say You, Say Me

Last night a date with Lionel Richie at Rogers Arena, one of the few concerts I ever went to but the only one I enjoyed so much I stood up and danced, even jumped to Dancing on the Ceiling, oh what a feeling!!!

Tremendous amount of memories from the 80's came flooding back to me, I was too young to go to concerts but old enough to listen to the radio. They played his songs All Night Long, Stuck on You, Hello, Say You, Say Me, You Are, Ballerina Girl and last night as we all sang along I was surprised how easily I remembered the lyrics.

His voice sounded the same, he looked the same, a timeless musical icon, a genuine performance. The last song, We Are the World, a piece he co-wrote with Michael Jackson, ended the night. I caught myself drying my eyes a few times, I was not the only one. Thank you Lionel, what a great show! Thank you for bringing out the young in us.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

On Granville Island

On Granville Island the yellow
crane guided me towards the
boat houses by the water. The
camera saw many lined up side
by side, but only a chosen few
were captured highlighting their
unique construction, pretty colors
or contemporary outlook.

The brightly painted mailboxes
could not be missed, each
owner had a different flower
that corresponded to their
unit number. It was not too
late to notice the reflection
on the calm water. A last
shot of an industrial looking
building before heading off to
the bus stop, a new structure
added onto a rather shabby
portion in need of renovation.

It was a short but enjoyable
visit, no doubt the island will be
busy this weekend with the
sunny forecast, always a
popular designation for fair
weather and tourist season.

I am looking forward to
some shine from the sun.

Monday, May 26, 2014

This Weekend About Town Part 2 of 2

Continuing on with this weekend
about town, clouds tinted with a
wet sort of grey started to
appear in the distance, but
let's not focus on that!

The lupins on the Spirit Trail
were sure nice, so refreshing
to see all kinds of flowers
popping up all over the place!

Not to mention the wild
roses, their intoxicating scent
so elegant in its perfume I had
to sniff not once but a few
times, it was most lovely.

The last shot an unknown white
bloom, no scent but I like its
spherical structure. Let's enjoy the
outdoors while the weather permits.

Have a great week!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

This Weekend About Town Part 1

This weekend about town started
off with a stop at the Tomahawk,
then off to the Spirit Trail we went.

Wispy clouds and blue skies
greeted us, as did the long
shadows on the bridge. A
few pedestrians passed by
but I had to capture that
bicycle, of course we had to
stop for a photo of us too.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Last Weekend About Town

Last weekend about town we
saw a building with beams that
came zooming off its side!

I could not miss out on the
papaver at the grocery store,

nor could I pass up on the
geranium's falling petals.

Oh no! The vortex in the sky
was about to suck everything in!

Let's not think about that,
let's concentrate on these
lovely shades of osteospermum,
again at the grocery store, which
has become dangerous place
for gardeners these days.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Garden Outside

One only has to look around
while wandering about for
views of the garden outside.
Tulips by the garden centre and
the library are at their peak,
bluebells both pink and blue.
Are those azaleas or are they
rhododendrons? It doesn't
matter, the flowers in all
shades of blush, so pretty
just like the tangerine
iceland poppy by the side
of the pavement. How about
the blasts of osteospermum,
a dramatic welcome by the
garden entrance. I cannot
help it, flower power
in our midst, a lot of
color going your way.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Garden on the Balcony

The garden on the balcony is still
at its beginning, some plants
purchased last week, a good
start to the planting season one
week before the May long weekend.

This year some new varieties not
yet tried, purple heart setcreasea,
lemon licorice helichrysum,
and fuchsia triphylla, just to
name a few. Geranium
of the maestro series, light pink
parfait to be exact, sounds so
yummy I couldn't refuse.

So now I ask myself:
How will my garden grow?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Follow the Shadow

"Follow the shadow," she says to
herself. Novi is on the go again
this sunny day, a rarity for
Vancouver. The silhouettes
of trees embellished the
sidewalks, even the tiny
weeds lent a hand. Twin
yellow blooms against
the warm grey rocks...

But don't forget to look up!
Sun streaming through
flowering branches of
cassia fistula and newly
sprouted leaves of a
deciduous tree. It is
nice to see the blue sky
again. Have a great week!

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Color Purple

The color purple was found
peeking through the wooden
framework, wisteria branches
intertwining, its flowers prominent
this time of year, a delightful
note on this rainy grey day.

Looking forward to some
sun over the next couple
of days, let's hope the
forecast is accurate.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

In the Mood for Pink

In the mood for pink throughout
the neighborhood, trees up and
down the street blossoming their
Spring season, as far as the eyes
could see. It was sure pretty but
only for a short while, alas the
blushing petals faded and fell.
Bits of pink strewn all over the
sidewalk, a reminder from Mother
Nature that nothing lasts forever.