Thursday, May 29, 2014

On Granville Island

On Granville Island the yellow
crane guided me towards the
boat houses by the water. The
camera saw many lined up side
by side, but only a chosen few
were captured highlighting their
unique construction, pretty colors
or contemporary outlook.

The brightly painted mailboxes
could not be missed, each
owner had a different flower
that corresponded to their
unit number. It was not too
late to notice the reflection
on the calm water. A last
shot of an industrial looking
building before heading off to
the bus stop, a new structure
added onto a rather shabby
portion in need of renovation.

It was a short but enjoyable
visit, no doubt the island will be
busy this weekend with the
sunny forecast, always a
popular designation for fair
weather and tourist season.

I am looking forward to
some shine from the sun.

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