Friday, May 30, 2014

Say You, Say Me

Last night a date with Lionel Richie at Rogers Arena, one of the few concerts I ever went to but the only one I enjoyed so much I stood up and danced, even jumped to Dancing on the Ceiling, oh what a feeling!!!

Tremendous amount of memories from the 80's came flooding back to me, I was too young to go to concerts but old enough to listen to the radio. They played his songs All Night Long, Stuck on You, Hello, Say You, Say Me, You Are, Ballerina Girl and last night as we all sang along I was surprised how easily I remembered the lyrics.

His voice sounded the same, he looked the same, a timeless musical icon, a genuine performance. The last song, We Are the World, a piece he co-wrote with Michael Jackson, ended the night. I caught myself drying my eyes a few times, I was not the only one. Thank you Lionel, what a great show! Thank you for bringing out the young in us.

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