Friday, June 13, 2014

At Zulu Records

At Zulu Records time seemed to
be at a standstill, the decor of a
vintage era, teal carpet complemented
wood furnishings. In the corner an
arcade machine waited silently,
there was even a spiral staircase
that took you to the second level.
I like the tiles but my favorite is
the red crate with round wheels.

Lots of 99 cent LPs to choose from,
a couple was very engrossed flipping
through every album conversing as to
whether "it" was part of their collection.
A vinyl cover proudly stated STEREO.

There was also a huge selection of
movies, I sometimes browsed and
starred to see if a title popped out.
Last time a staff pick introduced
it earned largely mediocre reviews
but we enjoyed it, the second
time around was even better.

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