Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Observations that Warm Evening

A closer look with a zoom lens on the camera
revealed some observations on that warm
evening. The greenish glow mentioned on the
last post did not get bigger, instead dimished
in size and changed to a pale yellow color, the
surrounding shades turned to a bright pinkish
orange, slowing fading to a greyish mauve.

Then the sky began to transform into all kinds
of wonderful sunset tones, like the ones you
would see on postcards or read about in
storybooks. I hurried to capture all the spots
that looked interesting, it was only a few
brief moments before the lighting changed
again, this time to an increasing darkness
that signalled the wind to gust a little,
blowing off the last bit of warmth as the night
overcame. Time for bed, what a lovely evening!

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