Friday, July 18, 2014

Steveston Lifeboat and Pirates!

The Steveston Lifeboat was the last ship we
boarded, a small size in bright orange it docked
amongst other fancier vessels, waiting patiently
for visitors. Like other boats that partook in
the Ships to Shore event, there were several
attentive personnel positioned throughout to
inform and help answer questions. I managed
to speak with a lady who served as a
crew member, "we're all volunteers here,"
she said, "I have over 30 years of boating
experience and thought they could use my
help." Voluntters meet every Thursday
to train so as to be ready for the next
fishing season or help boats navigate
through the fog or any other emergency
situations, sometimes that meant being out
'til 1:30 AM, "once you're out on the waters,
you don't return until the job is done."

Looking out from inside the lifeboat,
in a compartment to the left of the
doorway, not one but two binoculars.

A neatly decorated living quarters next to the
kitchen area, lots of artwork and books for sale.

A peek towards the cockpit, at the end a
including a chart that stated what each flag meant.

Outside the soft clouds paraded
themselves against the blue skies,

a shot of the distant landscape on the water.

Some gunshots were heard! Ahoy Matey!
Pirates on the water shouting, arguing
amongst themselves, chasing each other
in their tiny sailing boats. Aaarrrghhh!!

A final capture by the camera on this
Canada Day. What an adventurous day!!

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