Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The HMCS Oriole

The HMCS Oriole was another attraction at the
Ships to Shore Steveston event on Canada Day!
The oldest ship in the Royal Canadian Navy
she is 89 years old to date, still up and
running and is a racing veteran. Handsome
in her appearance waving the glorious
Canadian flag along with the ship's flag,
she is kept at tip top shape with a most
gracious and informative group of crew
members. On board the stereo entertained us
with tunes from Stompin' Tom, nothing could
be more fitting on this National Holiday.

Captured below some details of the ship,
ropes in perfect coils on the wooden floor,
a reflection on a shiny dome, shiny domes
make great reflections! An Oriole emblem
near the ship's steering wheel. Also shown
were views off the boat, the slight breeze
created ever-changing clouds over the
calm murky waters. What a beautiful day!

Next post one last bit on this day's event!

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