Monday, July 14, 2014

The PCT Moose

The PCT Moose is one of the Royal Canadian Navy's
training vessel that was just a few steps away from
the Schooner Zodiac, both ships were participants at
the Ships to Shore Steveston event on Canada Day!

Stationed throughout the vessel were junior
officers who shared educational tidbits about
the ship, one of the most interesting was
If a boat displayed an N and a C flag,
that meant they're in distress and needed
help immediately. Another fact communicated
was the time required to rescue the practice
dummy Oscar from the water, only six short
minutes were given. We were surprised to
discover the cockpit also doubled as an exercise
gym, yes, space is at its premium on board.

We were invited to explore further but the
queues grew longer, it was time to move
along. More posts on this day to come!

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