Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Schooner Zodiac

The Schooner Zodiac is an American ship that participated in the Ships to Shore event, stationed just a short drive away in Bellingham Washington, it is always on the lookout for passengers to participate as crew members. It was neat to be able to walk about on board, below some details captured by the camera, a shiny dome reflected the ship's boom,

looking up from the sail made of heavy canvas,

inside the boat, equipped with gadgets and maps to guide through the waters, 

outside the boat, lots of ropes to control the sails,

a skylight that stayed open to let some air inside,

a compass to navigate, its glass nice and clean to see clearly,

a lifeboat suspended off the side of the ship, ready for emergency uses,

more ropes, there were lots of them! I'm sure if you're a crew member you'd learn some things about ropes.

Visitors resting in the shade, the Schooner Zodiac was a popular destination on Canada Day. Stay tuned, more ships to come!

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