Saturday, August 30, 2014

Some Wave and Cloud Action

A continuation of a series of posts on our mini getaway
to Ucluelet... the new morning was off to a sombre
start, but that did not stop us from enjoying our
scrumptious breakfast at Black Rock. Tummies filled
with good energy we wandered into one of the trails
at the resort, specifically the Pacific Rim Trail.
Strolling at a rather slow pace, we found ourselves
taking off our jackets, then putting them back on
 a few minutes later, it was the same with our
sunglasses, toques and mitts. The temperature was
continuously evolving, sunny and warm one moment
windy and cool the next, it was a new experience for
both of us. Below some photos captured on this little
hike, waves splashing onto the rocks in a little cove,

some cloud action, an ever-changing parade against the blue sky.

A not surprising discovery the wave man with
his camera waiting patiently for the right moment,

a small collection of debris caught amongst the rocks.

Sea foam in the palest of tones against a deep shade
 of aquamarine, a constant transformation of shapes
and ripples, I could stay and watch this for eternity.

Just a few steps away, a lookout between the trees, the
morning was still young, there was hope yet for the sun to peek
through... until then, more on this day on the next post!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Gloomy Start

We watched the storm until the darkness erased
all that we could see, dinner that night was not
until 9 pm, a little late for our appetite so we
all slept in the next morning. The new day was
off to a gloomy start, slow to awake we lazed
about the hotel room glancing out the window
at the subdued shades of colors that seem to
change ever so slightly as the heavy clouds
grazed the sky. The second and third photo
were familiar sights from last night, strangely
they appeared very similar despite taken
during a different time of day. Our hopes for a
clear day heightened each time we saw a glimmer
of blue sky, but any bit of optimism was dashed
as the grey returned. Despite this discouraging
outcome there is something mesmerizing about
the passing storm, especially the last third photo
that captured the somber streams of rain that
fell straight from the clouds, I don't think
I've ever seen anything like this before. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Until Nightfall

After watching the surfers at Chesterman Beach
there was a brief stopover in the town of
Tofino. What used to be a quaint little spot on
the Western part of Vancouver Island ten
years ago has developed into a busier location
for tourists. Disappointed to find many shops
selling mass produced goods, we left shortly
to explore a beach nearby. A couple of shots
by the camera of moss covered trunks turned
out better than I thought, with one last capture
of the blustery weather that sent us on our
way back to Ucluelet. The late lunch at
Jack's Bistro and Pub caught a seagull eyeing
our food, the last three photos were taken
through the window back at Black Rock. Too
windy and cold to be standing outside we
marveled at the incoming storm in the warmth
of our room, there was something intriguing about
the windswept trees as they braved the raw
elements. I particularly like the white bodies of
water as they crashed against the dark jagged
rocks, again, and again... until nightfall.

Monday, August 18, 2014

At Chesterman Beach

Continuing on our mini getaway in Ucluelet,
a new day on Vancouver Island, a quick
stop at Incinerator Rock with peeks through
the bushes and trees to see if this was a
place to explore. A decision was made that
perhaps Chesterman Beach would be of
more interest. A short half hour drive led us
into a busy parking lot, and in just a few steps
a sandy beach that ran as far as the eyes
could see. Then, on the water, waves of a
smaller size with numerous riders attempting
to surf. We were one of many onlookers that
observed their countless efforts, only a small
handful were successful, below only one shot
that captured this successful endeavor.

David and I had visited Chesterman Beach
ten years ago, but we didn't recall this to
be a surfing spot. I remembered combing
the sand for shells at the time, quite a few
scallop variety in all kinds of pretty colors,
but none were to be found this time. A few
more moments of watching additional surfing
attempts and back to the car, freezing from
the frigid wind that April morning we warmed
up as we drove onto our next destination...

The mini adventure to be continued Thursday!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

At Black Rock

In less than 2 hours of driving from the rest
stop, we finally arrived in Ucluelet at Black Rock,
just in time for some views. Below the pictures
that made the cut, from the corner of the balcony,
the panorama of the ocean before us. What a
glorious scene! It was evening when we got
there in April but there was still good light.
The smell of the salty air, the wind caressed
our faces, not a drop of rain, not bad weather
for the unprotected and unpredictable
West Coast. Listening to the waves crashing onto
the jagged rocks, we visited with family and
watched as the light shifted, colors ever-changing,
conversations of summers spent in British Columbia,
Ucluelet came up a few times. Soon the sun began
to lower itself more and more towards the horizon,
directing beams through the dark branches,
casting glows on the mossy branches, the moss
sure were prolific there. Soon our stomachs started
to growl, it was 9 o'clock, way past our dinner time!

The mini Ucluelet escape shall continue...

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Rest Stop

After a ferry ride to Nanaimo and a brief
stop at Qualicum Beach, we continued onwards
to Ucluelet that April morning. The journey
on the highway across Vancouver Island was
marked with weather of all sorts, it was sunny,
cloudy, rainy, there was even a bit of hail!

The rest stop just outside of Port Alberni
was an appreciated break after all that
excitement from Mother Nature, cool green
waters welcomed us. The trees remained
mostly barren from the winter season, but
the camera observed numerous buds
 were already sprouting a shade of Spring.

Just steps away from the parking lot, a
small trail amongst the trees that led
deeper into the forest, destination unknown.
A few more clicks on the camera of moss
covered trunks and the evergreen covered
hills before David called me back to the car.

Our mini getaway to be continued Thursday!