Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Gloomy Start

We watched the storm until the darkness erased
all that we could see, dinner that night was not
until 9 pm, a little late for our appetite so we
all slept in the next morning. The new day was
off to a gloomy start, slow to awake we lazed
about the hotel room glancing out the window
at the subdued shades of colors that seem to
change ever so slightly as the heavy clouds
grazed the sky. The second and third photo
were familiar sights from last night, strangely
they appeared very similar despite taken
during a different time of day. Our hopes for a
clear day heightened each time we saw a glimmer
of blue sky, but any bit of optimism was dashed
as the grey returned. Despite this discouraging
outcome there is something mesmerizing about
the passing storm, especially the last third photo
that captured the somber streams of rain that
fell straight from the clouds, I don't think
I've ever seen anything like this before. 

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