Thursday, August 14, 2014

At Black Rock

In less than 2 hours of driving from the rest
stop, we finally arrived in Ucluelet at Black Rock,
just in time for some views. Below the pictures
that made the cut, from the corner of the balcony,
the panorama of the ocean before us. What a
glorious scene! It was evening when we got
there in April but there was still good light.
The smell of the salty air, the wind caressed
our faces, not a drop of rain, not bad weather
for the unprotected and unpredictable
West Coast. Listening to the waves crashing onto
the jagged rocks, we visited with family and
watched as the light shifted, colors ever-changing,
conversations of summers spent in British Columbia,
Ucluelet came up a few times. Soon the sun began
to lower itself more and more towards the horizon,
directing beams through the dark branches,
casting glows on the mossy branches, the moss
sure were prolific there. Soon our stomachs started
to growl, it was 9 o'clock, way past our dinner time!

The mini Ucluelet escape shall continue...

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