Monday, August 18, 2014

At Chesterman Beach

Continuing on our mini getaway in Ucluelet,
a new day on Vancouver Island, a quick
stop at Incinerator Rock with peeks through
the bushes and trees to see if this was a
place to explore. A decision was made that
perhaps Chesterman Beach would be of
more interest. A short half hour drive led us
into a busy parking lot, and in just a few steps
a sandy beach that ran as far as the eyes
could see. Then, on the water, waves of a
smaller size with numerous riders attempting
to surf. We were one of many onlookers that
observed their countless efforts, only a small
handful were successful, below only one shot
that captured this successful endeavor.

David and I had visited Chesterman Beach
ten years ago, but we didn't recall this to
be a surfing spot. I remembered combing
the sand for shells at the time, quite a few
scallop variety in all kinds of pretty colors,
but none were to be found this time. A few
more moments of watching additional surfing
attempts and back to the car, freezing from
the frigid wind that April morning we warmed
up as we drove onto our next destination...

The mini adventure to be continued Thursday!

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