Saturday, August 30, 2014

Some Wave and Cloud Action

A continuation of a series of posts on our mini getaway
to Ucluelet... the new morning was off to a sombre
start, but that did not stop us from enjoying our
scrumptious breakfast at Black Rock. Tummies filled
with good energy we wandered into one of the trails
at the resort, specifically the Pacific Rim Trail.
Strolling at a rather slow pace, we found ourselves
taking off our jackets, then putting them back on
 a few minutes later, it was the same with our
sunglasses, toques and mitts. The temperature was
continuously evolving, sunny and warm one moment
windy and cool the next, it was a new experience for
both of us. Below some photos captured on this little
hike, waves splashing onto the rocks in a little cove,

some cloud action, an ever-changing parade against the blue sky.

A not surprising discovery the wave man with
his camera waiting patiently for the right moment,

a small collection of debris caught amongst the rocks.

Sea foam in the palest of tones against a deep shade
 of aquamarine, a constant transformation of shapes
and ripples, I could stay and watch this for eternity.

Just a few steps away, a lookout between the trees, the
morning was still young, there was hope yet for the sun to peek
through... until then, more on this day on the next post!

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