Monday, August 11, 2014

The Rest Stop

After a ferry ride to Nanaimo and a brief
stop at Qualicum Beach, we continued onwards
to Ucluelet that April morning. The journey
on the highway across Vancouver Island was
marked with weather of all sorts, it was sunny,
cloudy, rainy, there was even a bit of hail!

The rest stop just outside of Port Alberni
was an appreciated break after all that
excitement from Mother Nature, cool green
waters welcomed us. The trees remained
mostly barren from the winter season, but
the camera observed numerous buds
 were already sprouting a shade of Spring.

Just steps away from the parking lot, a
small trail amongst the trees that led
deeper into the forest, destination unknown.
A few more clicks on the camera of moss
covered trunks and the evergreen covered
hills before David called me back to the car.

Our mini getaway to be continued Thursday!

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