Thursday, August 21, 2014

Until Nightfall

After watching the surfers at Chesterman Beach
there was a brief stopover in the town of
Tofino. What used to be a quaint little spot on
the Western part of Vancouver Island ten
years ago has developed into a busier location
for tourists. Disappointed to find many shops
selling mass produced goods, we left shortly
to explore a beach nearby. A couple of shots
by the camera of moss covered trunks turned
out better than I thought, with one last capture
of the blustery weather that sent us on our
way back to Ucluelet. The late lunch at
Jack's Bistro and Pub caught a seagull eyeing
our food, the last three photos were taken
through the window back at Black Rock. Too
windy and cold to be standing outside we
marveled at the incoming storm in the warmth
of our room, there was something intriguing about
the windswept trees as they braved the raw
elements. I particularly like the white bodies of
water as they crashed against the dark jagged
rocks, again, and again... until nightfall.

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