Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Of Trees and Shadows

Continuing on the Pacific Rim Trail on our mini
trip to Ucluelet, the gloomy start of a new morning
was marked with some wave and cloud action, the
sun that finally peeked through the clouds afterwards
beckoned us to head further down the path. Venture
down the trail we did, deeper and deeper into the forest
until there was less, and less of the bright blue sky.

Surrounded by the mature evergreen growth, enclosed
in its protective shroud, the sounds of the ocean
waves a distant sigh. On the gravel walkway, a shadow
of curved branches, its arch an elegant shape.

The slight sea breeze gestured our glance upwards,
an old tree with weathered trunks, its arms reached out
to the sun high above, its leaves soaking up the rays.

A moss caught between the low lying branches,
a very soft green, one of my favorite colors.

Pausing at a bend around the corner, where the
light was at its lowest point, the silhouette made a
clear statement against the pale background, even
the tiniest details were captured, good job camera!

It was time to head back, there were plans to explore
other areas that day, a last shot of the wavy outlook...

... and another of the glistening water. Where will
we head to next? Stay tuned to find out as we
continue on this mini journey in Ucluelet!

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