Thursday, January 29, 2015

At the Vancouver Art Gallery

At the Vancouver Art Gallery I was
more interested in the bargains at the
bookstore than the exhibition itself.
Several precious minutes were spent
browsing through the goods leftover
from the holidays, but there was no
good bargains to be had. Not this
time, better luck next time. Famished,
I sat down on one of the benches
in the lobby and wolfed down my
sandwich of homemade bread and
honey, the syrup sweet, creamy and
unpasteurized. In just a few seconds
I could feel the sugar level rising as
I rested in my little corner, while
the camera in my hands recorded the
surroundings of glass and stone. A
fascinating variety of textures, smooth
and rugged, colors cool and warm
intermingled with shapes of all kinds.

Outside the sun shone its beams on
the winter trees, casting long shadows
on the brick exterior. With one last shot
of the blue reflection across the street,
I headed down the sidewalk and
strolled away to meet up with David...

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