Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Collection of Buttons

The collection of buttons was gathered
late last year after the hectic holiday season.
It was nice to see Colleen at Button Button
again. A small chit chat revealed the wooden
round that proudly proclaimed the number
53 was actually not a button but a vintage bingo
marker. "I like the font," I admitted to her.

The red one has to have a partner, so the
green button was chosen to go along with
it. One cannot have a single pink button,
two will not do either, it has to be triplets.
The yellow twins was a no brainer too, there's
just not enough yellow in the collection at
home. And the brown swirl turned out
to be bakelite, if I remembered correctly.
So left the store with another handful
of buttons, though for what future
projects I have no idea...

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