Monday, March 30, 2015

Dramatic Lighting and Golden Radiance

I found these pictures while cleaning out
the hard drive over the weekend, it's amazing
what you can find while cleaning stuff out.
They were taken early February last year.

Some dramatic lighting throughout the city
that remained not just for one day, but over
a period of a few days. I can't remember
what the reason was, though it turned the
skies a fiery hue by the waterfront on
Lonsdale Quay, an unexpected treat
at the end of a busy day.

Captured below, after a heavy rainstorm, the
sun shone so bright it covered the buildings with
some kind of golden radiance I've never seen
before. The glowing moment was quick, for
in an instant the buildings returned to their
ordinary colors. I was glad to be there for that
one second, that one brief second to snap a
picture and record this small but delightful event.

This week a short week, lots to do I hope
to get all things done. Have a great week!

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