Friday, March 13, 2015

Fly Over to Victoria

A continuation of the flight over to Victoria,
the plane travelled further and further into the
open sea, catching a glimpse of the rising sun
here and there, it was the start of a peaceful day.

There sure was quite a few photo opportunities
out the window that morning, but I quite like the
casual arrangement of the islands in this picture.

It was not long before sightings of land appeared.
At the bottom left hand corner, an airstrip for
a clue, this must be an airport of some sort.

What seems to be green pastures later
revealed itself as a golf course, then...

... the seaplane flew over the highway that led
to little avenues and little streets that led to
little houses. Someone or some people took
care of all that urban planning so it looks good
from up here instead of a jumbled mess!

The tiny white marquis shaped specks are
boats anchored on the teal blue water.

A small strip of peninsula stretching out over
brown green ocean, I wonder where this is?

"Oh, this must be Victoria!!" I exclaimed
silently as the plane circled around one more
time before it...

... landed safely at the harbor. One last shot from
the pier before my two feet headed towards
Downtown Victoria. My first ride in a seaplane,
hard to believe the entire journey was only
about half an hour, and a good half hour it was!

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