Friday, March 20, 2015

From Victoria to Vancouver

Today, Friday, one final post on my last day
in Victoria... A stroll by the Empress Hotel
noted the beginnings of a foggy day at
the harbor. Still waters mirrored an almost
perfect reflection of the anchored boats. Not
too many souls were out and about, as the
forecast that morning was cloudy with
temperamental bits of rain. Umbrella at
hand, I managed to wander from Victoria's
historic landmark to the Downtown area, 
which by the third day I am somehwat
familiar with. Lunch was ginger ale soda
with sausage rolls at the Market on Yates,
the chorizo variety was a a lot spicier
than expected, I guess that's what
you get when you go by someone else's
suggestion, nevertheless it was good.

The last couple of hours was spent glancing
through interior decorating books and
Kinfolk magazines at Munro's Books,
some very tempting recipes in Kinfolk.

The flight back to Vancouver was with the same
seaplane company, but I was not as fortunate to sit
by the window this time around. Only two shots
were blog material, I managed to crop both pictures
for a closer perspective on the distant islands.

Somehow I found the views to be quite favorable,
perhaps because of their peaceful appearance,
a hidden truth to the fact that the ride was
quite a bumpy one, when the plane left
Victoria it was hailing...

... but slowly and surely, we made it back to
Vancouver safely. Phew! It was good to be home,
a quick snap of the waterfront as we made our
way to the car, and later into rush hour traffic...

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