Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Lilies purchased as part of the celebration for
Chinese New Year almost two weeks ago are
now past their prime. Captured here their
slow and gradual flowering stages, I made sure
to purchase only the ones with the biggest and
freshest buds. Two flowers per stem, ten blooms
in total, the stalks drooped over and occupied
majority of the dinner table. The petals took
turns to reveal a centre stigma which soon
secreted a sugary fluid called nectar all over
the dining seats. The anthers also produced a
vibrant orange colored powder called pollen,
which promptly decorated the table cloth.

Only too soon the lilies began to scent the air with
their fragrance, slightly and gently during the day,
increasing its sweet aroma just after sunset, becoming
heavier and much more captivating during the night.
Neither one of us minded its unobtrusive perfume,
to be honest we grew quite fond of it and now
that the flowers are gone we somehow missed it.

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