Monday, March 23, 2015

Mostly Pink Flowers

A selection of mostly pink flowers is the
theme of the post today Monday. Gathered
from pictures taken the last few days, they
represented the different types of weather
that prevailed in the season of Spring. It
was cloudy then sunny, somewhat windy
and not too windy, a bit of rain here
and there... the weather mostly
cooperated with the camera...

There were camellias and cherry blossoms,
or blossoms from fruit trees of some kind,
white magnolias, pink magnolias. Some flowers
were busy shedding its petals, a pretty sight
nevertheless, though it made me think the 
flowering season is just about over! Despite
this fact, it was nice to be out and about.


  1. Wow! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Minami! It feels great to be able to be there to capture these images and later, share them. It's been raining quite a bit over the weekend and during the week, the flowers are not the same as pictured here. A reminder of how quickly things can change in nature... and sometimes it's for the better.