Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Seaplane to Victoria

The trip to Victoria earlier in February was a
sudden one, the mandatory transportation was
not by ferry but by seaplane, it was my very
first time. The harbor calm with still waters
greeted us, the hope for the day was clear
skies, as flights from the previous day were
cancelled due to the presence of fog. Thankfully
for us, the weather cooperated, so upwards
we flew as I bid farewell to Canada Place.

With the morning sun rising in the horizon,
the plane soared over the ships docked
at the terminals along Vancouver Harbor.

The sulphur piles did not smell so bad from up here...

... there's the Lion's Gate Bridge with tiny, tiny
little cars filled with commuters going to work.

The view out the rear window, would you believe
the crew sat me at the very back all on my own,
which meant I could see out from both sides
without anyone in the way! The outlook must have
been quite delightful on a clear sunny day, but I
just think the presence of fog nestled amongst those
evergreens made this picture all the more intriguing.
What do you think?

The last bit of civilization along the shores, the
sight of West Vancouver grew smaller and
smaller as we winged our way further...

... and further away from land and...

... over the great wide ocean towards Vancouver Island.
A continuation of this flight will be posted on Friday!

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