Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Breeze this Sunny Sunny Afternoon

The breeze on this sunny sunny afternoon
was the reason that drew my camera out. It
also caused the newly sprouted leaves on
the branches to flutter, and flutter they did!

With the light twinkling and sparkling through
ever so slightly as the gentle wind picked up
and slowed down, I stayed for a while and
watched the little leaves danced about
in the sun. They were so very pretty!

Continuing on my walk, the star shaped purple
flowers was something I've never noticed before,
a delightful discovery I just about missed. A
low lying bush situated close to the sidewalk,
I am fascinated by its shape. Now I wonder...

Oh mysterious bloom, what is your name?

(I did some research! The name of the flower is
spring star or spring starflower, Ipheion uniflorum.)

The wind picked up on the way home, so windy
it was hard to get a still of the flowering branches.
They sure were moving about quite a bit, but
this one turned out okay.

This weekend is a long weekend.
Happy Easter! Have a great weekend!