Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Trail of Spring Bulbs

A walk to the general store to accomplish a rather
urgent task led me to the trail of spring bulbs.
The sight of the blooms was unexpected, they
were located on a street I seldom frequent.

Despite the rush, it was a single yellow tulip
highlighted by a tiny stream of sunlight, that
made me pause a little... to stop just for one
brief moment to look around a little... And
notice some of the small and lovely surprises
that we sometimes miss if we're in too much
of a hurry to go who knows where...

... And if we were to just take one split second
to observe... they would be right in front of us,
waiting to delight, like the trio of narcissi...

... And these orange tulips, a double-flowered
variety that reminded me of peonies...

... And more yellow tulips, pretty sure the yellow
ones are my favorite at this very moment.

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