Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Collection of White Corals

A collection of white corals was unearthed during
a recent housekeeping mission. As I unwrapped the
tissue paper that surrounded the shells, I recalled
the strolls on the beach of Mexico some moons ago.

The early morning wander at 5:30 am was filled
with the scent of salty air, and the gentle caress
of warm sun as I combed up and down the
seashore for treasures. The sand, soft and fine,
shifted through my fingers as my eyes searched
for different patterns, making sure no two 
specimens were alike. Back at the hotel room the
corals were rinsed and laid out to dry... until
the very last night when they were put away with
our belongings, packed away ever so carefully by
David so they all made it back safely to Canada.

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