Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Pouf

The making of a pouf has been on my mind for
the last couple of years. A visit to the foam shop
determined that old clothes, newspapers and
whatever else you could find to stuff the pouf with
were better and sturdier options than foam itself.
So the recent overhaul of mine and David's
closet resulted in quite a few bags of clothes that
were divided into two separate piles: those that could
be donated, and those that were better off as rags.
The rags were what formed the filling of this pouf.

The structure, on the other hand, were made with
fabrics I had on hand. There was no shopping for new
ones, I was pleased to be able to find three coordinating
pieces of batik. The dark brown linen was a free find
at a weaving studio, somebody's failed pants project.
The lining, a sturdy canvas, held everything together.

The stuffing, a final but important stage, took quite
a bit of attention on my part. Care was taken to fill
the gaps with smaller pieces of garments like socks,
and a lot of patting down with my palms as I stuff
along. Some sewing on the side finished the pouf, I
am proud to say I only poked myself three times.

Now the pouf resides in the hallway!!
Size is 18" in diameter and 15" in height.

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