Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Scent of Lavender

The scent of lavender was what we sometimes
notice during our evening walks for the past few
weeks. On some days it was so strong we simply
had to stop and take a few moments to delight in
its aroma. It has been so very lovely to be able to
enjoy this late summer perfume until last week...
when we strolled by to find most of the lavender had
been trimmed... Alas! No more fragrance for us.

But a quick observation revealed some flowers
had been left behind. Hastily I gathered all that I
could, the light was getting dimmer by the second as
the sun began to set. And... in just a few moments
there was enough stems for a small bouquet with
plenty of blooms to fill a small potpourri sachet.

The buds now sit at the corner of my studio
table, its delightful savor accompanied me
when I made this little purse.

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