Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chestnuts and the Last of the Summer Flowers

All throughout the neighborhood, the leaves
are beginning to shed... it is the month of October
after all. Shared here the last of the summer flowers,
the red ones were blooming by the public library,
the pale yellow ones I saw during an evening walk.
Not sure what their names are, nevertheless I like their
shapes and colors. And with the onset of Autumn, there
was the scattering of nuts, in particular the chestnut
variety, their prickly casings contained those glossy
brown nuts squirrels could not stay away from.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Begonias at City Hall

The begonias by City Hall were the centre of my
attention, low-lying bushes nestled amongst other
annuals, they thrived under the shady protection of
giant evergreen trees. Tucked away from the afternoon
heat, their blooms of vibrant pink and yellow so lovely
I simply could not walk on by without stopping to take
a few shots. Some flowers were made up of just a few
petals, others consisted of more than one layer, and
there were some that looked like roses. My favorite was
captured in the fourth photo, which one do you like?

I found a pink begonia face down by the grass and
decided to rescue it, showcased here in the last photo
all on its own on a David New-Small glass plate.